Catching Up

As if we didn’t have enough on our hands this past weekend covering the hugely successful and large Palm Beach Dressage Derby, we had a wedding to attend on Sunday afternoon, which of course ran late into the evening. After photographing the incredible lunch time performances by Sabine Schut-Kerry and Medieval Times, we headed off to Delray Beach where Leah Trunzo, a former “Phelpette” who worked with us throughout her college years, married Neal Studd, former international swimmer for England, and swimming coach at Florida Atlantic University.

There of course (isn't there always) is a dressage connection here. It was Ralph and Dressage judge and trainer Sue Roberto, owners of Rolling Rock Stables in Palm City Florida who first sent Leah our way in 1999. Leah joined us along with Astrid Appels from Belgium to work at the North American Young Riders’ Championships, where they became close friends. Ralph, Leah’s beloved surrogate Dad, gave away the beautiful bride.

Astrid was a bridesmaid, her first wedding ever, and we had fun explaining all the American customs. Astrid was a bit confused when all the ‘single women’ were asked to get on the dance floor for the bouquet toss, and guess who caught it? You got it Astrid, who then had the garter placed strategically on her leg. No photos of that from me, we took some fun photos, but left the wedding work up to the hired help.

We have thousands of Derby photos to organize, and reporting on the event to proceed soon, but are still recovering from a big weekend! Stay tuned, we’re quickly catching up!