"Casting Call" or "Dear, Lord!"

March 22, 2012 - At the urging of her co-workers, Journal Editor Christine Hamilton is off to try her hand in show biz. It was Larri Jo Starkey’s dang idea. The subject line in her email should have tipped me off: “YOU HAVE TO DO THIS.” Why on earth did I open it? An online notice for a casting call in Colorado for an upcoming Western movie, on a weekend when I happened to be in town.

Yeah, right, ha, ha. I wrote LJ back, “ :-) ,” and pointed out that it was right up her alley – my fellow American Quarter Horse Journal editor has been in several play productions over the years and is a talented musician.

But, no, she will be in Louisiana at the Region Nine Championship, and she further pointed out that they were bound to have American Quarter Horses in the movie, I could ride, it was relatively close to me, yada, yada, yada …

As it turned out, our sister publication, America’s Horse, does have a story in the works on the wranglers providing horses for that movie – Disney’s remake of the Lone Ranger story – and LJ’s little idea for me fit right in with it. So guess who’s moonlighting for America’s Horse this weekend, headed for the strangest situation that American Quarter Horses have put me into yet? Stranger, I think, than the first time I collected a stallion.

What on earth do you do at a casting call?! This one calls for “all types,” people who can work legally in the United States and a 3x5 photo from the waist up.  I did a little more research and found out all kinds of stuff on casting calls in general: Don’t wear red or white; don’t be fussy; bring makeup; take a map; be early and never late; be prepared to do a monologue … aaack! What am I getting into?

This movie is looking especially for Asian men, “extreme character types,” people with “odd features” and “odd body types” to include women weighing more than 400 pounds. Great. Well, I bring “normal” to the table. I also bring “loves horses and Westerns,” “was in a play in high school” and “can ride very well.” I certainly fit the category of “all types of men and women … ages 18 to 90, all ethnicities.”

LOL, we’ll see what happens. I’ll keep my story-teller’s eye out, along with my camera. I’ll watch out for those wranglers and their American Quarter Horses, and I’ll show up in boots and jeans and a horse show top. And lip gloss.

Did I mention that Johnny Depp is playing Tonto?

Photo: Christine Hamilton and Joe Go Quick; Journal Editor Christine Hamilton is headed to southern Colorado for casting of Disney's remake of the Lone Ranger story. (Journal photo)