Canaan Ranch, Fulshear, Texas

Despite the advantage of growing up riding horses, Melanie Pai has had to overcome much to make Canaan Ranch the successful business it is today. Her first son was born with severe allergies to horses and her second son was diagnosed with Leukemia at age six. Now both doing well and in college, Melanie shares her passion for horses with her young daughter.

In 1999 Melanie Pai established Canaan Ranch, which is located in Fulshear, TX, just west of Houston, TX, Starting with five dressage horses, only two of which were Warmbloods, Canaan Ranch is now home to nearly 60 Warmblood Dressage horses. Today, she and her staff are proud to offer dressage horses with the temperament, conformation and athletic potential to be top competitors in the show ring for amateur and professional riders.

In 2006, Elizabeth Poulin joined Canaan Ranch as head trainer. Elizabeth is a member of the well-known Poulin family, originally from Maine. She began riding at the age of three and competing at the age of four. “Growing up with so many judges, riders, clinicians in the family I was fortunate enough to always have plenty of horses to ride and learn on,” says Poulin. “My father, licensed ‘S’ judge Tom Poulin, has been my trainer all of my life. Throughout my childhood he put me on his grand prix horses to teach me how to ride at that level. I was able to compete at all levels on many different breeds/ages/levels of talent which I believe taught me ‘feel’. I was taught with a serious focus on the basics of training and of the training scale.”

While she has not realized her dream (yet) of owning an team horse, Melanie Pai is the one responsible for discovering America's USDF 2006 Horse of the Year Floriano, bringing him to America, and joining him with Steffen Peters.