Calling All Virginians - Help Needed For Libby Anderson's Jilba Dressage

Jilba Dressage in Catharpin, Virginia is in danger of losing their beautiful covered riding arena to a Prince William County Zoning Determination.

Jock and Libby Anderson have lived at 12894 Livia Drive, Catharpin, VA, since their arrival in the USA from Australia in 1989. The area lies on a private gravel road maintained by the Catharpin Farms Home Owners Association (CFHOA). All the CFHOA members are very supportive for the existence of the arena and do not want it to be destroyed. The arena is “state of the art” and can barely be seen from the road as it is hidden behind large pine trees, scrubs and a three rail oak fence.

Libby rides, trains and teaches dressage up to Grand Prix, Olympic Level. She is also a current United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) “S” dressage judge (includes all dressage levels up to FEI, Olympic Level) and is a retired FEI (Federation Equestrian International) “I” dressage judge since 2002. Libby has been active in the Virginia Dressage Association, and the local branch Northern Virginia Chapter as well as the Commonwealth Combined Training Association (CDCTA) in promoting dressage and love of the horse in Virginia. Libby was a strong supporter of the Pony Club Movement in Australia and has continued to promote Pony Clubs and talented young riders in the USA. In fact Libby is judging at the National USA Pony Club Dressage Championships at Lexington, KY in 2006.

The original dressage arena at 12894 Livia drive has been in existence since the development of Catharpin Farms in 1976 at the exact location as it is today. Current PWC Zoning Regulations state any structure (including a dressage arena) must be set back 35 feet from the property line. In 1990 we added a roof to protect us from the elements and allowed us to put in soft rubber footing for the comfort of the horses.

Jilba Dressage comes up before the Bureau of Zoning Association (BZA) on 27 February 2006 to ascertain if the arena must be razed in conformity with PWC current regulations.

We are asking for the support of all horse loving Virginians to help us save the arena and allow Jilba Dressage to continue training dressage for the benefit of Virginians and dressage community all over the USA.

We will be sending out petitions by mail with stamped addressed envelopes for you post back to
Libby Anderson Jilba Dressage,
12894 Livia Drive,
Catharpin, VA.

The petition is also linked HERE (Word Doc)

Please sign these petitions and return to Libby. I will send copies of the petitions to Board of Zoning Appeals, PWC, The Honorable Mr. John Stirrup and Ms. Hendley, Gainesville Planning Commissioner and our lawyer Mr. Gifford Hampshire. THE NUMBERS WILL HELP JILBA DRESSAGE

1. Send letters of support to:
Prince William County Board of Zoning Appeals.
c/o Ms Brzyski, Clark, Office Planning,
1 County Complex Court,
Prince William, VA 22192-9201
Application for Appeal Case No. AP. 2005-00027, Anderson, Jock and Elizabeth Anne , “Jilba Dressage” 12984 Livia drive, Catharpin, VA 20142

2. Attend 2. the Board of Zoning Affairs (BZA)
2 pm on the 27 February, 2006
McCoart Administrative Building,
1 County Complex Court,
Prince William, VA.
Directions: off the Prince William Parkway about a mile east of the intersection of Price William Parkway , Davis Ford and Hoadly Road 22192

Letters sent and the number of horse loving folk who can attend the Hearing could really help Jilba Dressage. and make difference to the outcome of the Hearing.

Libby Anderson e-mail
Phone: 703-754-1010