Caitlin Ben-Dror, and American Working Student in Holland at Reesink Horses

Caitlin Ben-Dror, a 16-year-old working student from America, is spending the summer in Holland gaining invaluable experience as a working student for Reesink Horses, in Eibergen, the Netherlands. Certified by the Dutch Government as a School for Horse Breeding and Sport, there is a steady source of students who help manage the sales and training facility.

In Europe, young riders have more opportunities to develop their horsemanship skills into a career, as the horse business is a true industry here.

Spending the summer at the Reesink's has been an enriching learning experience for the the young American horsewoman, whose mother Margaret Hawkins, teaches and trains at Whispering Spring Farm, in southern Pennsylvania. Their trainer, Steve Wolgemuth is a steady customer of the Reesink's having purchased several horses for his clients, and Caitlin's Mom. It was through this connection Caitlin had the opportunity to work at the busy facility, and increase her experiences working with young horses.

"The biggest difference in working here is having so many quality horses to ride and work with each day." explained the High School Junior." Sharing the barn duties are several young Dutch students, all happily buzzing about the barn, rolling bandages, braiding horses to show, cleaning tack, and keeping the indoor area immaculate. "I have been learning how to work with the basics, and how to ride young horses."

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