Buffalo International - A Triumvirate of Sport, Horse Welfare and Public Service


Westport, CT - August 21, 2014 - Not only will the Buffalo International Horse Show (BIHS) offer the EQUUS Foundation Best Performance Competition to benefit horse welfare, BIHS is held each year to benefit the Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center. Thanks to the support of exhibitors and sponsors, over 600 therapeutic riding lessons were given in 2013.

The Best Performance Competition, the joint program of the EQUUS Foundation and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), rewards competitive excellence and helps improve the quality of life of horses. Rated "Premier", the highest USEF rating, BIHS is one of less than 20 horse shows recognized with the USEF Heritage Designation - a distinction reserved for horse shows not only dedicated to technical excellence but also philanthropy and community involvement.

The five-day schedule featuring highlights for everyone to enjoy, including $40,000 in class prize money with over $13,000 worth of hunter and jumper classics for children, adults, juniors, amateur-owners, ponies and professionals, is one of the best ways for exhibitors to prepare for the fall indoor circuit of finals. BIHS offers a large indoor arena for competition that gives horses and riders a chance to compete indoors before showing at the national finals in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. or Kentucky.

The Buffalo International Horse Show will run from September 10-14 2014.

Contact or visit the horse show office to enter the Best Performance Competition, or purchase your armband(s) directly from the EQUUS Foundation by clicking here.

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