Buck Meadows Boogie CEI/CEIY

The Buck Meadows Boogie CEI/CEIY took place in Buck Meadows, CA and utilized some the country's most picturesque trails in Stanislaus National Forest. Snow earlier in the week melted away by the start of competition on Saturday as the 80km, 120km and two-day 160km rides got under way.

Tani Bates rode CR Marjan Roars to a commanding win in the 80km, finishing in 4:46; Jeanette Mero was second and Carol Giles was third. In the 120km, Becky Grand Hart took the win with No Repeat in a time of 7:30; Nicole Smith was second followed closely by Terri Rashid in third. On Sunday Jessica DiCamillo won the 80km in 6:07:15 with SHA Strikes Fancy and Michele Roush as the sole competitor in the 160km completed the second half of the ride aboard Hat Trick to finish on a time of 14:49:46.

History of THe Boogie:

In the 1800s Buck Meadows was known as Hamilton Station Ranch.  It became a stage stop on the way to the Old Big Oak Flat Road into Yosemite. The original Buck Meadows Lodge was built as a bunkhouse/cafeteria for the men building the Hetch Hetchy Dam on the Tuolumne River.  In 1978 Ride Manager Holly’s parents purchased the run down building and reopened the Restaurant and slowly built up the motel rooms.  Holly moved her horses up in 1980 and then herself in 1981.  It was a dream come true to live in a place you can get onto the forest and go forever.

The Buck Meadows Boogie Ride began as fantasy thinking about how to share the great place we live and play in with our fellow riders. Holly Foiles and Anita Fiondella had been training together for 5 years when in 2006 they decided to go ahead and try to put on a ride  combining a lot of the things they saw other ride managers do into a wonderful event. That 1st April ride was postponed as the highway collapsed 4 days before the ride and it went on in June of that year.

2011 is bringing something new.  This will be our 5th ride and FEI for the 1st time. We are doing the 2 day format, 75/50/25 miles Saturday and 50/25 miles on Sunday.     

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Photos: Ride Manager: Holly Foiles and Trail Manager: Alexandra North