Book Review - Down The Aisle…For The Love Of Horses By Leslie McDonald

I read this book on a flight to California, and was in tears, laughed, and related to this story. This book is a MUST read, a perspective many of us can relate to and learn from. DressageDaily's Mary Phelps
Every year there are horse books written about training, breeding or show ring success. However, recently released Down the Aisle … For the Love of Horses by Leslie McDonald offers a totally different perspective from the usual equine book fare. It is the captivating story of a horsewoman as she travels down the aisle populated by the horses, mentors and experiences that enrich a life’s journey. The doors to that aisle swung open over 50 years ago, evolving from a little girl’s love of horses that developed into a life long, incurable case of horse fever. From the struggle to maintain a presence in the aisle through financial setbacks and injuries as well as love lost and found, Down the Aisle is the story of a woman whose life has been shaped and strengthened by the aisle she has followed for the love of horses.

The author’s special insights on the changing face of equestrian sport over five decades entwine through riding academies, show hunters, fox hunting, breeding, eventing and ultimately dressage. Mentors from Prussian cavalry officers to Olympians as well as first love ponies to Grand Prix partners come alive. The text will resonate with horse lovers who can relate through the dreams and experiences that fill their own aisles.

McDonald’s writing style makes for an easy read, creating a flow that takes your down the aisle of her life page after page. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh and, in the end, it will warm your heart.

In addition to presenting an engrossing read, Down the Aisle is a multi media event, integrating the book with an interactive companion website. connects horse lovers from across the country to share the special memories that define their own personal aisles. Beginning in May, their stories will be featured in a nationwide “Story of the Month” contest sponsored by Uckele Health & Nutrition. At the end of a year, one of the monthly winners will be selected as “Story of the Year”. Check out the website for contest details.

To read an excerpt from Down the Aisle...For the Love of Horses

Active professionally in the horse industry for over 40 years, McDonald is the author of two previously published books, including Making Magic: Breeding and Birthing a Healthy Foal with Meredith Weller, DVM, and under her maiden name of Leslie Baird, Tic-Tac. She is a U.S. Dressage Federation Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist who owns Full Cry Farm in Batavia, Ohio where she trains dressage horses and students.

Down the Aisle … For the Love of Horses is available at selected tack shops across the country as well as at the home website or