Bonneau International Pony Show

The winner is....Ireland!

Fontainebleau (France) - At the end of the first day of competition, Ireland totalizes 4 victories over 6 international classes. At this level, it's not only luck, but rather talent! Only Robin Muhr and Sidonie Vivet added the first two wins to France's prize list. Tom Foley, Paraic Kenny (photo), John Nolan & Matt Garrigan were the Irish heroes today and showed great skills in the big classes, what should be an advantage for tomorrow in the Derby and the Nations Cup. France was the only country to disturb the Irish supremacy. Robin Muhr opened the way in the 6 year old young ponies class. Sidonie Vivet ended the day by an assertive victory for France in the big CSIP class.

The classes will start at 8.00am on Saturday morning. The main ones will be the Derby of Fontainebleau at 1.00pm followed by the Nations Cup where 7 teams will start (it will be the first time in the history of the show that so many teams will fight for victory).

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