Bettina Hoy Wins the Generali CICO 3*

The last event of this Generali CICO 3* today was the jumping test. 79 riders were still participating for this last part of the competition (two horses were not present at the second mandatory horse inspection this morning: Gamour CH/ Tiziana Realini (ITA) and Escape Lane*Mili / Didier Willefert (FRA). The course was designed by Gérard Longis and had 12 obstacles in total, representing 15 jumping efforts for the horses to perform. 

The principal difficulties at the beginning of the course were the 4th obstacle, an oxer located next to the exit of the arena which could distract the horses, no. 5, a yellow vertical obstacle which had two jumping options, leading several horses to have faults there, no.7 which was a double and was hard to approach as it was positioned on a slope and no.11 which was a triple which was tricky at the end of the course. The riders jumped in reverse order according to their position in the provisional line up and therefore the favourites were last to go at around 3.45 pm.

After a clear round and a great performance with Ringwood Cockatoo which did not come near to touching the obstacles, the German rider Bettina Hoy was victorious in the Generali CICO 3*, ahead of her fellow countrywoman Simone Deitermann / Flambeau H 3, 2nd (with 46.7 pts) and the Australian rider Lucinda Fredericks / Headley Britannia, 3rd (48.1 pts). The French rider Nicolas Touzaint / Hildago de l’Ile could not afford to finish the round with more than four faults but unfortunately he had eight faults and as a result he slipped back into 4th place (48.6 pts).

The team rankings were also disrupted. The winning nation was Germany with 160.30 pts (1st), ahead of France with 173.10 pts (2nd) and Great Britain with 192.90 pts (3rd).

Bettina Hoy (GER), 1st: “Every competition that I compete in with Ringwood Cockatoo is a bonus for me, but above all it is a pleasurable experience. Fontainebleau is really a special event for me. Although it is organised at the same time as the competition in Gatcombe Park (CCI* and CCI 2* in Great Britain), I always choose to come to France because there is a great ground here and the courses designed by Pierre Michelet are always perfect. During the jumping test today, I had a rush of adrenaline which is essential when you are competing, but I was not stressed as my horse is very experienced. At his age he knows what he needs to do. I am very pleased with this win. And whether I am present or not at the next European Championships, I am sure that it will be a great event.”

Simone Deitermann (GER), 2nd: “Fontainebleau is a wonderful competition which is organised in an ideal setting. I am very happy and proud of my horse Flambeau H 3 as he performed wonderfully during the cross country test. I was already delighted with my result after yesterday's competition and today's course is the icing on the cake. Last year, I was 6th after the dressage test and I had one refusal on the cross country test. But it did not discourage me this year. I have confidence in my horse and I know that he has a promising future. ”

Lucinda Fredericks (AUS), 3rd: “Every year I come to Fontainebleau and I am always ranked. I wanted to compete here to prepare for the Lexington International Horse Trials (CCI 4*). Of course I would have liked to take part in the European Championships here in September but I can’t as I am Australian. During this 2009 edition, I found the cross country course quite technical, as it is created in a forest and as a result there are a lot of trees which can make you lose time. My horse was a bit temperamental. Moreover he tried to take control on several occasions. Having said that, I love Pierre Michelet’s courses and the surface of this ground: for the start of the season it is perfect for the horses. The competition has a great atmosphere and I would like to thank the organisation for this event. ”

Nicolas Touzaint (FRA), 4th: “Dressage is not Hildago’s strong point, but nevertheless he has made huge progress. I am to blame for the eight faults today during the jumping test and that’s why I am disappointed. It is always hard to drop back in the rankings when you have been the leader. But that's sport for you. ”