Bettina Hoy Is Still In The Lead

41 riders presented themselves in front of the judges at 9 am for the second part of the dressage test. Today some of the other leading names of the discipline also competed such as: Jean Teulère (gold medal winner in the team event at the Olympic Games in 2004, European Vice-Champion in the team event in 2007, World Champion individually in 2002)/ Matelot du Grand Val (FRA), Lucinda Fredericks (silver medal winner in the team event at the Olympic Games in Beijing)/ Headley Brittania (AUS) ; Arnaud Boiteau / Expo du Moulin (gold medal winner in the team event at the Olympic Games in 2004 and the current European Vice Champion in the team event with this same horse), the

German rider Peter Thomsen with his 2nd horse The Ghost of Hamish, Mary King (GB) with two other horses, but also the French rider Didier Dhennin / Ismène du Temple (he was the best French rider at the Olympic Games in Beijing and finished sixth with this same horse)

Despite the great dressage performances throughout the day, none of the riders managed to replace the current World Champion in the team event, Bettina Hoy (GER) with her magnificent grey Irish Sport Horse Ringwood Cockatoo as the best rider and horse of the dressage event.

Bettina Hoy: "As Ringwood Cockatoo is 18, he obviously has a lot of experience and he is my best horse. He has the physical condition of a young horse. I have been coming to Fontainebleau with him for 7 or 8 years. As a matter of fact, I entered the competition this year to prepare him for the CCI 4* in Kentucky that I hope to compete in next month (23-26 April)."

With regard to her preparation for the European Championships this year, Bettina replied with a smile: "In fact, considering the age of my horse, I decide about the entries for competitions on a day to day basis. He decides where we will compete. I listen to him a lot. As long as he demonstrates that he still wants to compete, we will be present at all of the major events. On the other hand, when he shows me that he no longer wants to, we will stop participating together. In the meantime, I am preparing a 2nd horse which is starting to have the level required for 3 star competitions."

Tomorrow there will be the cross country test: "I have walked the course, which will allow the horses to gallop and recover after the jumping efforts. I think that the course will be a great preparation for Ringwood before Kentucky."

As for the rankings, here are the results after the dressage test:

Individually: 1- Bettina Hoy / Ringwood Cockatoo (ALL) 31.7 pts ; 2- Lucinda Fredericks / Headley Brittania (AUS) 36.5

pts ; 3- Karin Donckers / Gazelle de la Brasserie (BEL) 37.9 pts ; 4- Nicolas Touzaint / Hildago de l’Ile (FRA) 39 pts ; 5- Lucy

Wiegersma / Shabraak (GB) 39.4 pts

Teams: 1- Germany 125.50 pts; 2- France 131.50 pts; 3- Great-Britain 143.70 pts; 4- Belgium 156.40 pts; 5- The

Netherlands 162.90 pts

Start lists and full results are available on the website: (Results section, under the Generally CICO***heading) OR (under the Generally CICO3* heading)