Beloved Dressage Judge and Trainer Trip Harding Passes Away

At about 4 pm today (Thursday) Trip Harding passed away at his home in Los Angeles. I was with him and he went comfortably and with his friends around him. We haven't yet decided the details of a memorial service but I'll be keeping everyone posted.

In the meantime, I'd like to put out a personal call for donations for a memorial service, medical bills, and household expenses that will be coming in for a while. They can be sent to:

Delora L Lauver, DVM
Community Veterinary Center
10617 Burbank Blvd.
N. Hollywood, CA 91607

Thank-you for all the caring emails that have come in. We conveyed as many of them to Trip as was possible. Each one brought a smile to his face.

Very Best Regards,

Lois Yukins

Trip was diagnosed two weeks ago with terminal liver cancer; a week ago they found out no treatment was possible, and to call in hospice. He is going very dear friend Lori Lauver is one of his best friends and there is a wonderful roommate-longtime friend who just happened to rent a room from Trip in June. There is no family to help; just Lori and the roommate (note:later on more friends came). Lori has a busy 1-person veterinarian practice and she has cancelled all her clients to take care of Trip this week. She has hired a 24 hour nurse but that is $300 a day.
Best wishes,


Mary Baechler

Cards or flowers for Trip:

Trip Harting
2152 Reservoir street
Los Angeles, Ca. 90026

contributions; please write on the memo line, for Trip Harting
Lori Lauver, D.V.M.
Community Veterinary Center
10617 Burbank Blvd
N. Hollywood, Ca.