Be Sure To Tune In As DoversWorld Focuses on Everything Eventing March 1st!

Robert Dover was in touch with Mary Phelps-Hathaway recently-Here's what he had to say!!

My entire radio show this Tuesday, March 1st, will be devoted to "Everything Eventing". Olympic stars, David and Karen O'Conner, Phillip Dutton, John Lechner calling in all the way from Australia, and Darren Chiachia, who survived a life-threatening fall, will be joining me on a panel to discuss the state of the sport from course designing to coaching to issues of safety.

It has created some of the most contentious rounds of posts here on in the past, my hope is to have a frank and open, positive and constructive discussion with the experts.  I believe it is going to be both controversial and educational and should be a great show!

From 6:05 to 8:00pm on WBZT (AM1230) or live right here at, this is for sure one show that you will not want to miss!   I have been rather outspoken and have come under fire for it from members of the Eventing community, so whether you agree with me or not, as well as with the members of my expert panel, I hope you will tune in and call in and let me have it if you disagree.  I am never afraid to be wrong or to need to apologise when I am.  But I think I’m more right than wrong here!  

Hope you can listen from 6-8pm on WBZT (AM1230) in the Palm Beaches or live around the world at and call in with comments and questions to 561-844-6167 or toll-free to 1-800-889-0267.  I bet this will be one of my best shows since I started “Dover’s World” so please tell your friends to tell their friends and post it on all the Eventing sites so everyone knows. OK?  Robert Dover