Barbara Silverman Breaks the Silence

With her appearance on NBC's The Today Show, and a recent feature in People Magazine, Barbara Silverman has brought national attention to the sport of Dressage in her quest for a spot on the Dressage Olympic Team facing a challenge larger than any other candidate. Barbara Silverman is one of the longest living survivors of Ovarian Cancer, known as "the silent killer" of women.

Sixteen years ago she went to the doctor to find our why she couldn't get pregnant, and discovered a malignant tumor. After years of remission the cancer returned in 1998, and Barbara has been fighting for her life and the opportunity to achieve one of her riding career's highest goals, a spot on the USET Olympic squad for Sydney.

What has been more important to her however, is to increase the awareness in the women of our sport as to the dangers of this disease. " I found out I had ovarian cancer by accident." Silverman recently told us. "If anything good can come of my struggle, it would be that women become aware of the tests available and the importance of knowing what to ask for when they go in for a check up." Silverman has told us of The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, an organization dedicated to conquering Ovarian Cancer by uniting organizations and individuals in a national movement. " It is critical for women to know what tests to ask for when getting a check up." Silverman emphasized. Early detection is the only hope for survival. Pap smears are for cervical cancer and rarely detect ovarian cancer. A CA 125 blood test, rectal vaginal exam, and transvaginal ultrasound are essential for diagnosis.

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