Barbara the Author

Barbara Strawson - FEI Dressage Rider, Trainer, Instructor and Author

Barbara got significant writing experience as a psychology major. She enjoyed writing, so it was a logical step when she and Jill Hassler decided to write “My Riding Goals Journal”, with Timmie Pollock, a sports psychologist.  At this point, Barbara was a working student with Jill and Scott Hassler at their own Hidden Acres Farm. “Jill loved working with kids. I tutored them as a working student. Our work together evolved into books.”  The goals journal is a pocket journal for riders to take with them to the barn. “You can keep track of your goals there, as well as a daily diary of your riding.”

The second book Barbara co-authored was “Equestrian Instruction: An Integrated Approach to Teaching and Learning”.  This book is focused on helping instructors teach effectively.  It deals with teaching, learning and personality styles, visualization, goal setting and proper teaching technique.  Barbara wrote the chapter on goal setting, as well as some other articles in additional chapters of the book.

Barbara enjoyed writing the article “Creating Balance Between the Aids” for Dressage Today, which appeared in the September 2004 issue, and was an overview of some of the basic training techniques she learned in Germany.  Most recently, in the April 2008 issue, she collaborated with Jessica McTaggart in writing “Achieve Your Goals”, which was a guide to customize your training with goal setting strategies. In the future, Barbara has ideas for new articles and books she plans on writing.

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