Armando Hassey and Eminem Rock the Colorado Fall Classic

Armando Hassey and Eminem. Photo by Carrie Wirth.
Armando Hassey and Eminem. Photo by Carrie Wirth.

Parker, CO - Armando Hassey and Taggert Enterprises' 9-year-old Belgian Warmblood, Eminem started the week off by winning the Welcome Stake, then went on to win the $10,000 Mini Prix at the Fall Classic at the Colorado Horse Park."We started doing the 1.10m in Florida a year ago and did our first Grand Prix at Summer in the Rockies," said Hassey.

The pair had an impressive summer with five clear first rounds out of six and consistent top-ten placings in the six-week Colorado Horse Park series.

 Jackie Smith and Diego. Photo by iHorse Photo Media.
Jackie Smith and Diego. Photo by iHorse Photo Media.

"He's a little lazy at home but he knows his job and likes to go clean," Hassey said. In the Welcome Stake, the pair were first to go a clean in the jump off and maintained their lead to win the class. Hassey was also third with his own Cassino and fourth with Saveur de B'Neville owned by MHJ Sales, LLC.

In the Mini Prix, Hassey went head to head with amateur, Jackie Smith and Diego. Smith, who trains with Hassey beat him earlier this year during the Colorado Horse Park Spring Show. "Susan Griffis went really fast, then Jackie just was a bit faster, then I beat her. We're both very competitive, so it makes life interesting!"

Hassey plans to travel to Wellington, FL for the winter season in December. He hopes to represent his native Mexico as a member of the Nations Cup Team.

Mickie Sage and Harlu. Photo by Mary Adelaide Brakenridge.
Mickie Sage and Harlu. Photo by Mary Adelaide Brakenridge.

Mickie Sage and Laurie Brant's Harlu were unbeatable in the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby Katie Crone and her own CR Explosive won second place honors.

In the $1,000 Open Hunter Classic, Harlu and Sage again delivered the winning performance with Jennifer Rhodes and Lisa Philpott's Duet earning the red ribbon.

Rhodes and Duet's won the tri-colors in the Performance Working Hunter Division, winning two over fences classes and the under saddle. Prince owned by Alison Belcher and ridden by Kelly Baringa won the handy class and an over fences class and were awarded the reserve championship.

589. $2,500 Open Welcome Stake
1/2052/Eminem/Taggert Enterprises LLC/Armando Hassey/$730.00
2/2015/Saterland/Nancy Gooding/Natascha Gates/$482.50
3/2059/Cassino/Armando Hassey/Armando Hassey/$357.50
4/2060/Saveur de B'Neville/MHJ Sales, LLC/Armando Hassey/$230.00
5/2016/Quickie/Natascha Gates/Natascha Gates/$175.00
6/2082/Correggia/Palmer Divide Ranch/Susan Griffis/$175.00
7/2053/Diego/Jackie Smith/Jackie Smith/$175.00
8/2083/Castalano/Sandwillow Farm/Katharin Gualtieri/$175.00
9/2032/Witchita/Kimberly Little/Kimberly Little/$0.00
558. $10,000 Mini Prix
1/2052/Eminem/Taggert Enterprises LLC/Armando Hassey/$3000.00
2/2053/Diego/Jackie Smith/Jackie Smith/$2000.00
3/2090/Udine/Palmer Divide Ranch/Susan Griffis/$1200.00
4/2030/J.E.S. Quito/Nicki Wilcox/Nicki Wilcox/$650.00
5/2082/Correggia/Palmer Divide Ranch/Susan Griffis/$500.00
6/2015/Saterland/Nancy Gooding/Natascha Gates/$450.00
7/2059/Cassino/Armando Hassey/Armando Hassey/$400.00
8/2032/Witchita/Kimberly Little/Kimberly Little/$375.00
9/2016/Quickie/Natascha Gates/Natascha Gates/$375.00
10/2083/Castalano/Sandwillow Farm/Katharin Gualtieri/$350.00
11/2060/Saveur de B'Neville/MHJ Sales, LLC/Armando Hassey/$350.00

721. $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby
1/2028/Harlu/Laurie Brants/Mickie Sage/$750.00
2/2011/CR Explosive/Katie Crone/Katie Crone/$550.00
3/2027/Smitten/Abigail Weiland/Abigail Weiland/$375.00
4/2088/Golden Opportunity/Natalia De Vencenty/Natalia De Vencenty/$275.00
5/2001/Cold Smoke/Nancy Moore/Abigail Grace Kelley/$200.00

$1,000 Open Hunter Classic
1/2028/Harlu/Laurie Brants/Mickie Sage/$300.00
2/2022/Duet/Lisa Philpott/Jennifer Rhodes/$220.00
3/2025/Turning Gold/Margaret Hui/Jennifer Rhodes/$150.00
4/2046/Simone/Catherine Schoelzel/Jennifer Rhodes/$100.00
5/2011/CR Explosive/Katie Crone/Katie Crone/$70.00
6/2047/Chakira/Catherine Schoelzel/Jennifer Rhodes/$60