Arlene "Tuni" Full Page Win Intermediaire Freestyle at the Bayer/USET Festival of Champions


Gladstone, NJ—June 17, 2001— The storm that had been threatening the northeast all week, finally struck early Sunday dumping a record rainfall that lasted throughout the morning. Arlene "Tuni" Full- Page who was the last to ride in the Intermediaire Freestyle wasn't too concerned about getting wet.

While Page has recently moved to Wellington, Florida, she is a New Englander through and through perhaps giving her just the slightest edge she needed to beat Californians Guenter Seidel with Aragon and Leslie Morse with Kingston in the final class, which would determine the USET Intermediaire Championships.

Sadly, Besty Steiner and Giotto who had made a strong showing in this division were a late scratch as a result of a minor injury.

Page ended up third overall in the final standings, which earned her and her mare Claire (by Cassini) a USET grant along with Seidel and Morse to train and compete in Europe in the upcoming months.

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E: Mary Anne McPhail
H: Linda Zang
C: Evi Eisenhardt
M:Jessica Ransehousen
B: Lorraine McDonald

Arlene Page of Wellington, FL
Horse: Claire (KWPN by Cassini out of Umaica by Appleking xx)
Owner: Arlene Page
Tech E:3/6.833 H:1/7.167 C:T1/6.944 M:1/7.389 B:3/7.056
Arti E:7.667 H:7.722 C:7.611 M:7.556 B:7.278 % 73.223

Leslie Morse of Malibu, CA
Horse: Kingston (KWPN Stallion by Voltaire out of Gesinette/Burggraaf)
Owner:Paragon Farms
Tech E:1/7.444 H:2/7.056 C:T1/7.111 M:3/6.778 B:1/7.556
Arti E:7.556 H:7.611 C:7.444 M:7.222 B:7.444 % 73.222

Guenter Seidel of Del Mar, CA
Horse: Aragon (Bavarian Gelding by Sabina La)
Owner: Dick & Jane Brown
Tech E:2/7.389 H:3/6.889 C:3/7.000 M:2/7.222 B:2/7.167
Arti E:7.500 H:7.333 C:7.444 M:7.722 B:7.278 % 72.944

Tina Konyot of Thornwood, FL
Horse: West Side Lady (Hannoverian mare, by Westberry x Lombard),
Owner:Tim & Susan Dutta
Tech E:4/6.889 H:4/6.778 C:4/6.500 M:4/6.556 B:4/6.722
Arti E:7.556 H:6.944 C:7.000 M:7.056 B:7.056 % 69.057

Susanne Dansby-Phelps
Horse: Goubergh's Kasper
Owner: Susanne Dansby-Phelps
Tech E:5/6.778 H:5/6.667 C:T6/6.500 M:5/6.667 B:T10/6.722
Arti E:7.389 H:6.722 C:6.778 M:6.889 B:6.389 % 67.501

Leslie Webb of Milford, OH
Horse: Cassiano
Owner: Leslie Malone
Tech E:T6/6.611 H:6/6.444 C:5/6.556 M:9/6.167 B:6/6.333
Arti E:7.333 H:6.833 C:6.778 M:6.444 B:6.944 % 66.443

Karen Lipp of Alpharetta, GA
Horse: Douwe (KWPN by Damino out of Eronette)
Owner: Laurie Bell
Tech E:T6/6.833 H:7/6.333 C:8/6.389 M:6/6.500 B:T7/6.500
Arti E:7.111 H:6.556 C:6.722 M:6.722 B:6.722 % 66.388

Louise Labrucherie of Santa Rosa, CA
Horse: Picone (Hannoverian by Prince Orac out of Wodena)
Owner: Louise Labrucherie
Tech E:8/6.389 H:10/5.722 C:10/6.278 M:7/6.333 B:5/6.500
Arti E:6.944 H:6.444 C:6.444 M:6.833 B:7.056 % 64.943

Steinberg Jeremy
Horse: Hallmark
Owner: Steinberg Jeremy
Tech E:10/6.444 H:9/6.389 C:T6/6.500 M:10/6.167 9/6.556
Arti E:6.556 H:6.389 C:6.778 M:6.333 B:6.556 % 64.668

Tracy Roenick of Paradise Valley, AZ
Horse: Kashmir
Owner: Tracy Roenick
Tech E:11/6.111 H:8/6.278 C:9/6.444 M:11/5.944 B:T7/6.389
Arti E:6.667 H:6.556 C:6.611 M:6.333 B:6.833 % 64.166

Yvonne Barteau of Gilbert, IL
Chimon (SWB by Amiral out of Chiribin by Cecil)
Owner: Scott Zahner, MD.
Elite European Sport Horses
Tech E:9/6.278 H:11/5.611 C:11/6.278 M:8/6.111 B:T10/6.389
Arti E:6.778 H:6.500 C:6.278 M:6.833 B:6.722 % 63.778

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