Are Mushrooms The Holy Grail To Horse (and Human) Health?

Are Mushrooms Really the Holy Grail!! Is there really chemistry that could change our horses and our life? Within our DNA is the ability of our cells to produce thirty thousand distinct proteins, to protect us, to assist us with chemistry, so that we can live long productive lives. At YS Nutrition, the discovery of how all of this works, is not just a claim, but backed with research and documentation at the Univerity of Pennsylvania, the mushroom capital of the USA. Our cells are always being attached by outside invaders. Some invaders are bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and parasites. These invaders do harm and destruction to our cells. Now our cells have a ready arsenal to protect us. This is stored in our DNA. Our DNA makes brand new proteins, which create specific white blood cells used to protect us against each specific type of invader. Certain chemistry found in medicinal mushrooms has an amazing property called transcription factors. These chemicals assist our DNA in producing the correct types of WBC's to defeat each invader. By raising you immune systems capabilities, you are stopping cellular destruction, which degrades our body’s structure and functions and leads to advanced aging. Here is how these newly transcribed proteins stop cellular oxidation, which cause wrinkles and early death.

Free radicals are a major threat to our cells life. They are caused by uv radiation, chemicals like bleach we use for washing, hydrogen peroxide we use for dying our hair, petroleum products used in cars, and many other sources. These free radicals work like handgranades. They do major structural damage to our cell walls, and organelles within our cells. And they can fragment our DNA, causing our cells to become cancerous. Now our body responds by providing anti-oxidants. Some of these chemicals are made in our bodies, and some we get from the foods we eat. Our cells use elaborate sensing to then shuttle these free radical quenchers to locations where the free radicals are. This is just like satellites in our skies that can see where terrorists are. Then the military shuttles troops to those areas to defeat the enemy. One such shuttling chemical is only found in mushrooms. It is L-ergothioneine. This small essential amino acid, chaperones anti-oxidants, and leads them to the enemy, the free radicals, and stops them quickly.

As we know any destruction to the structure and functions of our cells leads to advanced aging. Our cells in fact can only replicate about 60 times. And once they have done this they are old, and die. So by protecting our cells, so they are not destroyed, new cells do not have to replicate themselves. This allows us to live longer. This is much like an old city being destroyed by bombs during a war. If we can keep the city from being bombed, we do not have to waste our resources rebuilding the city.

Our DNA has the ability to produce proteins which reduce stress. When we are hot, or cold, when we do not have enough nourishment, when we are emotionally stressed, angry, sad, or scarred, our DNA can produce chaperone proteins which streamline our cellular operation. The medicinal mushrooms, by plugging into cellular receptor sites, communicates the need to our DNA, and allows the DNA to produce healing chemistry. This is exactly the way some people spontaneously heal from being very sick. The DNA was triggered to cause new chemistry allowing the body to heal itself.

Our foods are broken down into small sugar molecules. These foods also contain fatty acids. Both of these food chemicals, are used by our cells to produce an energy molecule called ATP. ATP is used in all our cellular process, including the movement of muscles including our lungs and heart. Medicinal mushrooms allow our cells to increase its efficiency in producing ATP. In fact the mushrooms may cause as much as 30% increase in ATP. So by eating your mushrooms daily, significantly improves your structure and function to the cells by increasing energy in every cell.

The efficiency of your organs is improved. So liver and kidney function are improved which leads to much better filtration of your blood. Your steady state energy throughout the day is stabilized. This keeps you alert in the afternoon, when you would normally become tired. And most important, added energy allows your body to fend off invaders and keep you healthy, and when you are sick, you will recover much faster. This in fact is the effect that athletes get from the performance mushroom; a much faster recovery time. So when your competitor is panting and tired you have more available energy to win.

Keith Manfred's Immune mushroom products works like an anti-aging product. Each mushroom contains specific chemistry which aids in anti-aging capacity. The beta-glucans modulate and raise your bar of immunity, leading to a healthy longer productive life, and the L-ergothionine shuttles antioxidants to points of oxidative stress, keeping your cells from being destroyed, letting your cells live longer. This is really a great product for daily maintenance of your quality of life.