Another Blue for Shawna Harding and Come On III at the 25th Annual Palm Beach Dressage Derby CDI-W/Y

Shawna Harding and Come On III continue to collect blue ribbons with the latest coming from their Prix St. Georges win at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby CDI-W/Y. And she clearly hasn't tired of being in the winner's circle. "It was a fabulous win and I'm very excited and proud of my horse," Harding said. "He's come so far from last year."

Harding and Come On III, a nine-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding sired by Come Back II, took the win despite a few freely admitted mistakes. "We did have a few mistakes, just from tension and from being a bit nervy and having a lot of sneezing that needed to come out," Harding said. "But overall, I was very happy that he stood for all his halts, something that we're always trying to work on. And tomorrow will be another day and I hope to have an even more confident horse in the arena. We'll see what happens."

Harding was especially pleased with Come On III's half passes, both the trot and the canter work. "And his right canter pirouette was very nice," she said. And, Harding said, his pirouettes are now more like small voltes than "the eggs that we've been sometimes riding lately. I was also pleased that the extended canter was nice today. He was really up and forward and in front of my leg."

Despite her relatively consistent wins this season, Harding said she's not getting cocky saying that she and Come On III have had their fair share of bad rides. "But he is maturing. He's going to be nine next month so he's getting more confident. But, I'm also working him harder and starting to put the Grand Prix into him. I think he still has a way to go and we do have a lot of things to iron out in the ring."

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