Announcing the First Annual FTI Winter Equestrian Festival Yearbook!

Who is going to sign your Yearbook?  Do you know who is most likely to succeed? Who will take the top prize?

There is one way to keep the memories alive long after you have to leave the 2010 WEF season behind, with the first annual FTI Winter Equestrian Festival Yearbook, sure to be an annual collector's item and makes a great gift!

Created in the tradition of the high quality, annual equestrian yearbooks and journals such as the FEI L'Annee Hippique, Equestrian Sport Productions and ManciniPhotos announce the first annual FTI Winter Equestrian Festival Yearbook.  

The 2010 WEF Yearbook will celebrate 12 weeks of top competition with prize money of nearly $6 million dollars. The 2010 WEF Yearbook will capture all the thrills and chills of this exciting event from the top riders and prizes, to the rising stars, the established favorites, and behind the scenes at the Tiki Bar and at the barns...the 2010 WEF Yearbook will to capture the breathtaking moments, the crowds, the crashes and victories along the way.

The 2010 WEF Yearbook costs $100.00 plus shipping. The 2010 WEF Yearbook will be over 200 glossy pages of outstanding photographs and brief commentary. More information and order forms are available at the WEF Boutiques or online at  

Pre-order now for summer delivery!   Are You In the Book?