Anky van Grunsven and Gestion Salinero Win Grand Prix Special

Dutch 11-team national Grand Prix champion Anky van Grunsven scored the highest mark in the Grand Prix Special at the CDIO Aachen. Aboard the Hanoverian gelding Salinero (by Salieri), Van Grunsven rode a high class test in which the passage scored multiple 9's and the final centerline reprise of passage-piaffe-passage was an absolute highlight in the test. Salinero did not halt at X, but piaffed his way through the halt and the transitions to several movements, whether it was the trot half pass or the flying changes, were still a bit tense.

Nevertheless, it was a great relief to see that Salinero is indeed able to relax in performance and confide in his rider. While Anky's World Cup Finals' ride featured a TNT-charged Salinero, the dark bay gelding kept his cool much more in Aachen and his collected trot work was no longer typically passagy nor his piaffe undiagonal and 10,000-volt electric.

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