Anky Van Grunsven, Again Dutch Dressage Champion

It wasn't all too difficult for her, winning her tenth national dressage champion's title. Van Grunsven is the best in Holland when she saddles her number one star Gestion Bonfire and she doesn't even feel a breath of threat while riding her Oldenburger. You would think one gets used to victory but, nevertheless, Anky had to cry when she received the honorary sash. "A lot went through my mind at that moment,'" Anky confessed. "You should never underestimate Bonfire," she seriously added afterwards.
"Monster scores" were ridden at the Dutch Dressage Championships in Park Brakkestijn in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, the first weekend of July 2000. Anky's Grand Prix test was honored with a 77,20% but the extra-terrestrial, world record scores were established in the Special and freestyle. Bonfire danced falwlessly to a 79,40% in the special while his freestyle received an abnormal 86,79%. Coby van Baalen steered strongly to the silver medal while last year's winner, Arjen Teeuwissen, scored below his level in the Grand Prix but aced in the freestyle. He received the bronze

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Text by Astrid Appels
Image copyrighted: Arnd Bronkhorst