Amy Barrington Suffers Serious Brain Injury in Fall

Amy and Gallerone at the 2011 AECs. Photo courtesy of Leslie Threlkeld/USEA.
Amy and Gallerone at the 2011 AECs. Photo courtesy of Leslie Threlkeld/USEA.

We’re sad to report that upper-level eventer Amy Barrington has suffered a serious brain injury following a fall yesterday morning at her farm in Tryon, N.C. She underwent surgery yesterday afternoon and is currently in a medically induced coma to speed the healing process to her brain.

Beth Perkins is staying at the hospital with Amy and sent us an update on the fall and Amy’s prognosis, which you can read below. The EN team is devastated to learn this news, and we’re all sending our well wishes to Amy for a full and speedy recover. Please send get-well-soon wishes to so Amy can see an outpouring of love and support when she comes out of her coma.

From Beth:

“Amy did well in surgery but is still unconscious. The doctors want her to stay as quiet as possible to allow her brain time to heal, so it may be several weeks before she regains consciousness. She received a sharp blow to the left side of her head, which caused bruising and bleeding. One of Amy’s students found her in the ring, so she was able to call an ambulance, and Amy was treated without too much delay. Amy has a skull fracture, broken nose and cheekbone, but no other injuries. We are all hoping for the best for her.”

Update: The Farm House tack shop in Landrum, S.C., is collecting donations towards Amy’s medical expenses. If you would like to help, please send a check made payable to “Amy Barrington” and send to: The Farm House, 22341 Asheville Hwy, Landrum, SC 29356. If you have any questions about the fund, please call 864-457-3557.