Americans At Aachen - Lisa Wilcox and Rohdiamant

Living and training in Germany since 1994, Lisa Wilcox, a Phoenix, Arizona native, hit the international scoreboards in 1999 with the popular and successful Oldenburger stallion, the 10-year-old Rohdiamant, she rides for the stallion farm "Vorwerk". With the recent move from the stable of Olympic gold medalist, Nicole Uphoff, more responsibility than ever has been placed in Wilcox's capable hands.

A possible candidate for the US Dressage Team in the spring, their hopes were dashed when the European show where they were to qualify was reduced to a national show, thus not meeting USET selection criterea. With a Rohdiamant's heavy breeding schedule booked, it was impossible to find another competition in time.

"Vorwerk" suffered another blow recently when Rohdiamant's sire, Rubinstein died, putting his handsome dark brown son in the position of carrying on his legacy. With many successful young horses of his own, Rohdiamant will not miss the long trip to Sydney which perhaps for him, and the Oldenburg breed, is the best thing for him now.

Wilcox and Rohdiamant did represent her native country at the number one rated show in the world, Aachen CHIO, placing respectively in the power packed line-up of the Grand Prix CDIO division. After her rides, while exiting at A, she was greeted by the large contingent of Americans in the stands who traveled to Aachen this year.

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