American Short List for the 2006 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

After the USEF/Markel Young Horse Eastern, Central and Western League Finals, the U.S. Equestrian Federation has created a short list of American combinations that are in the running to participate at the 2006 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden, August 3-6, 2006.

Because the U.S. is allowed two representatives per age division, the two highest ranked horses in these league finals are qualified to compete in Verden. If a rider chooses not to travel to Europe for the World Championships, the next highest qualificant in line will get the offer to go to Verden.

U.S. Short List for Verden (highest qualification score on top)

5-year olds

  • Big Tyme - 8.688 (pictured)
    Belgian warmblood gelding - Saros van het Gestelhof x Wendekreis
    Owned and ridden by Marisa Festerlind, Newbury Park, CA
  • Unitas - 8.592
    Dutch warmblood gelding - Niagara x Harald
    Owned and ridden by Teresa Butta-Stanton, Glen Burnie, MD
  • Up to Date - 8.260
    Dutch warmblood gelding - Flemmingh x Argus
    Owned by Peter Ruig, ridden by Jan Brons, Wellington, FL
  • Harmony's Wyoming - 8.084
    Hanoverian gelding - Weltmeyer x Donnerhall
    Owned and ridden by Courtney King, New Milford, CT
  • Wellcome S - 8.064
    Hanoverian gelding - Weltruhm x Argentan
    Owned by Lisa Bradley, ridden by David Wightman, Murrietta, CA
  • S Infinity - 8.048
    Westfalian gelding - Sandro Hit x Lados
    Owned by Cetty Weiss, ridden by Brooke Doss, York, SC
  • Roter Milan - 7.932
    Hanoverian gelding - Rotspon x Matcho AA
    Owned by James Bond, ridden by Inga Janke, Middleburg, VA
  • Amore RBF - 7.824
    Hanoverian gelding - Alabaster x Wandervogel
    Owned by Hilary Austen, ridden by Teri Hallman, Payson, AZ
  • Uphelia DG - 7.816
    Dutch warmblood mare - Wolfgang
    Owned and ridden by Nicole Perry, Mountain View, CA
  • Redford - 7.712
    Hanoverian gelding - Riccione x Wenzel
    Owned and ridden by Dana Fiore, Boyton Beach, FL
  • Wyoming - 7.680
    Hanoverian gelding - Weltmeyer x Akzent I
    Owned and ridden by Carol Robertson, Huntington Beach, CA
  • Donnermuth - 7.656
    Rhinelander gelding - Don Bedo x Fichte
    Owned by Candace Tate, ridden by Jessica Jo Tate, Walworth, WI
  • Undercover - 7.576
    Dutch warmblood gelding - Ferro x Flemmingh
    Owned by Carolun Melka, ridden by Jo Moran, Valley Center, CA
  • Ukeegan - 7.568
    Dutch warmblood stallion - Flemmingh
    Owned by Cecilia Sutton, ridden by Jessica Jo Tate, Walworth, WI

6-year olds

  • Breanna - 8.800
    Hanoverian mare - Brentano II x Weltmeyer
    Owned by Jennifer Mason, ridden by Kathleen Raine, Murrieta, CA
  • Currency DC - 8.676
    Oldenburg gelding - Clintino x Classiker
    Owned by Tim Dutta Inc, ridden by Susan Dutta, Wellington, FL
  • Brigadier - 8.276
    Oldenburg gelding - Batido x Art Deco
    Owned by Deena Smith, ridden by David Wightman, Murrieta, CA
  • Catapult - 8.106
    Holsteiner gelding - Cantour x Condino
    Owned by Nancy Blake, ridden by David Blake, Westlake Village, CA
  • Lopaca - 8.008
    Holsteiner gelding - Lorentin I x Lagos
    Owned and ridden by Emily Tears, Coto de Caza, CA
  • San Rubin - 7.992
    Oldenburg stallion - Sandro Hit x Rubinstein I
    Owned by Stephen Browning, ridden by Steffen Peters, San Diego, CA
  • Don Angelo - 7.944
    Oldenburg stallion - Don Larino x Don Primero
    Owned by Terri Kane, ridden by Michelle Gibson, Wellington, FL
  • Tacolando Triple R - 7.932
    Dutch warmblood gelding - Ircolando x Akteur
    Owned by Heather Houck, ridden by Jan Brons, Wellington, FL
  • Lullaby - 7.868
    Hanoverian stallion - Londonderry x Duntroon
    Owned by Ricky Rockefeller-Silvia, ridden by Lisa Wilcox, Wellington, FL
  • Tornado - 7.768
    Dutch warmblood gelding - Negro x Nocturn
    Owned by Elizabeth Shaffner, ridden by Jan Brons, Wellington, FL
  • Frodo - 7.764
    Westfalian gelding - Fantastico x Florestan I
    Owned by Kendra Heinicke, ridden by Jan Ebeling, Moorpark, CA
  • Grande Crimson - 7.644
    Canadian warmblood mare - Rio Grande
    Owned by Andrea Driscoll, ridden by Michelle Folden, Greensboro, NC

Euro-correspondent Astrid Appels will be on the scene in Verden to bring live coverage of this event for and