American Shetland Pony Congress Winner!!

Ardmore, Oklahoma – Isn’t He Just Magical managed to outshine all of the other Shetland Ponies at the 2010 American Shetland Pony Congress Show in Ardmore, Oklahoma, when he won the Vetrolin® Grooming Award, sponsored by Farnam.

Winning the title of “Best Groomed” pony at the show earned Isn’t He Just Magical and his owner, Gail Ray of Silver Meadows Training Center in Anthony, Florida, a year’s supply of Vetrolin® Grooming Products provided by Farnam.

“We had a great show at Congress and winning ‘Best Groomed’ Pony made it even better. We were really excited and honored,” Ray said. “Cara Brykett, who is 16-years-old, showed Isn’t He Just Magical for us. He is a two-year old pony that we bought last year. Our grooming secrets at the show were really simple as we just washed him and added a little hair gel.”

Isn’t He Just Magical will now receive a great deal more than just a little hair gel, thanks to winning a year’s supply of Vetrolin® products. “We do use Vetrolin® products and really like them,” Ray said. “I am excited to think that I will now have all of their products.”

The Vetrolin® brand offers a comprehensive line of grooming products from cleaning and conditioning to soothing and invigorating and the products are renowned for their essential oils and invigorating aroma that sets them apart from the competition. The ten products in the Vetrolin® line provide a one-stop place to satisfy all your grooming needs and includes bath, body wash, conditioner, detangler, shine, green spot out, liniment and liniment gel products plus the newest additions to the Vetrolin® line -- White ‘N Brite™ Shampoo and White ‘N Brite™ Body Wash.

Ray said they have been involved with Shetland Ponies and American Miniature Horses for 20 years and said she will be taking some of her minis to the upcoming AMHR National Show in Tulsa. “We had such a great time at Congress and now, thanks to Farnam, we can make our minis as clean and shiny as possible before heading to Tulsa,” Ray said.

“The American Shetland Pony Club is really pleased that Farnam, the makers of Vetrolin® products, supported our small equines by awarding the ‘Best Groomed’ pony award,” said Johnny Robb, director of marketing for the American Shetland Pony Club and American Miniature Horse Registry (ASPC/AMHR).

“A year’s supply of Vetrolin® products will be an amazing thing for all the ponies at Gail’s Silver Meadows Training Center. We all congratulate Gail and Cara on a great job with their pony. The competition was tough this year at Congress, as all of the ponies had gleaming coats and were real show stoppers.”

The 2010 Shetland Pony Congress Show attracted ponies from all across the country. The ponies competed for National Championship titles in classes such as driving, halter, jumping, youth and costume classes.

For more information regarding Vetrolin® products, visit For more information on the Shetland Pony Congress, visit their website at or call (309) 263-4044.

The American Shetland Pony Club, the American Show Pony Registry and The American Miniature Horse Registry are non-profit organizations established to preserve and refine the bloodlines of these small equines and promote the enjoyment of small equines. Recognized as the oldest and most versatile registry in the United States, the American Shetland Pony Club offer a variety of programs for Shetland Pony and Miniature Horse enthusiasts of all ages. Visit their website at or 81-B East Queenwood Road, Morton, IL 61550.

Photo:  Cara Brykett, left, showed the pony, who is owned by Gail Ray of Silver Meadows Training Center in A  Photo by Washburn Photography