The Alpine Cup Arrives in the Center of France!

The Horse & Donkey Equestrian Complex of Lignières-en-Berry (France, south of Bourges) will host from 30 September till 3 October the 3rd International 3 Day Event of Lignières. Thanks to the dynamic organizing committee and the high quality of the equipments of the complex, there will be 3 competitions: a CIC 1 star, a CCI 2 stars and for the very first time the only CCIO2* this year in Europe. This last class will support the Alpine Cup, a traditional event which will unite European countries by national teams.

This is only the 3rd time Lignières welcomes an international 3 day event. But the association ACEVA, chaired by Gilles Chanteloube, also an international steward, already wanted to bring some innovation. Besides the traditional CIC1* and CCI2*, the organizing committee organizes a CCIO2*, also called "The Alpine Cup". This consists in a team competition run on the CCI2*. There will be 2 classes and 5 rankings:

- a CIC 1 star with an individual ranking sponsored by Farnam.
- a CCI 2 stars with an individual and a team rankings, sponsored by FREZOT Saddlery.

Plus a special trophy sponsored by Publigift for the best 6 and 7 year old horses on the two competitions.

Already much appreciated by British riders, the International 3 Day Event of Lignières should seduce nations like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or Italy, added to the loyal countries usually participating such as Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Great-Britain.  Nicolas Touzaint (FRA), Clayton Fredericks (AUS)....and now ?

Last year, Nicolas Touzaint (FRA) and Clayton Fredericks (AUS) were the great winners of the two classes. Lignières has been very lucky to welcome many top riders like the Fredericks (AUS), Pippa Funnell (GBR), Zara Philips (GBR), Jean Teulère (FRA), Didier Dhennin (FRA) and many more. It's the result of the high quality equipments (sand arenas, stables, truck park, etc.) and the hearty convivial way of the organizing committee to welcome riders, grooms, owners. Even if this year, the show will take place during the World Equestrian Games, Lignières will be the right place at the right moment to qualify and train horses on 1 and 2 star courses, just before the World Younh Eventing Horses Championships of Le Lion d'Angers (FRA).

The cross country course, still designed by Pierre Le Goupil (who designed the CIC3*-W of Le Pin this year), will change with a short way on the sand arena to allow spectators to watch easily the competition from the exhibitors village. Some other changes will be made especially on the race track part of the course. Last but important information: you can rent a "roulotte" (a wooden caravan) nearby the equestrian complex. An easier way to stay in Lignières and take advantage of festive parties everyday!

Schedule of event:
29 September  
2:00pm Vet inspection
30 September / 1er October 9:00am
5:00pm Dressage test CIC1* & CCI2*
2 October
9:00am Show jumping test CIC1*
1:00pm Cross country CCI2*
3 October
8:00am 2nd vet inspection CCI2*
9:00am Show jumping test CCI2*
12:00am Prize giving ceremony CCI2*/ CCIO2*
1:00pm Cross country CIC1*
5:00pm Prize giving ceremony CIC1*