The Alltech Symposium Concludes with a Charge to Change the Game

Lexington, KY - The Alltech 27th Annual International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium concluded on the paradigm shifts that agriculture and society need to feed a global population of 9 billion people by 2050. The Symposium highlighted the wide range of solutions available to society to meet this challenge.

Alltech’s founder and president, Dr. Pearse Lyons, captured the audience’s attention by reiterating that our time is now, and we must keep in mind all the points discussed during the time here, and take action.  

Lyons stated, “I challenge you to be the game changers of our industry. You have the technology, you have the support, and you have the camaraderie. Climb with me and dream with me.”

Dr. Mark Lyons, director of North America for Alltech, presented on “Game Changers: The 7th Step for the Health and Vitality of Mankind.” He emphasized, “There is a sea of change taking place in our industry. Food and healthcare are at odds and the cost of both is spiraling out of control.”

Director of worldwide research for Alltech, Dr. Karl Dawson, presented on Programmed nutrition: Imagine a beef animal going to market in half the number of days with cholesterol levels lower than those of chicken: Tasty and beneficial. Condition your animals to grow with less, while doubling production.

Dawson stated, “Nutrition is a process; it goes back to when you were a child, to when you were in your mother, even back to the things your mother ate before you were conceived. You are what your mother ate.”

Declan Coyle, Andec Communications, Dublin, Ireland, discussed how to get on what he calls “The Green Platform,” a state of mind demonstrating how each individual can take control of their own lives to be their own game changer. He explained that to be a game changer you need to recognize your power to choose one of two platforms: the negative, blaming, complaining “red platform” or the positive, constructive, proactive “green platform.”

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Photo:  The Great Debate. Photo Credit: Tim Webb