All Smiles on Day Two for the Dressage Affaire CDI

Friday’s Intermediaire I Championships Division in the CDI held a tight finish for the top three competitors. Though Peters reigned again with Montango and a 66.950 percent, this win came with a smaller margin of .05 percent.

Elizabeth Ball on Orion was reserve champion with a very close 66.90 and again placed third place on her second mount, Cauleen Glass’s De La Frontera with a 65.350 percent. Wagman and Uforia placed fourth with a 64.250.
Photo: Co-organizer Kim Keenan took a moment to join her sister and dad

Steffen Peters commented that “Montango had a few errors of test in the I-1, but that he is such a solid horse overall. He has become more relaxed. His walk work has improved. This is where he showed tension before.” Wagman was still delighted with Uforia’s performance her at her first CDI. “She was just a bit more wound up today. The arena itself is scary, and she could see cars on the road above. This got her a little revved up. But I am still very happy with her performance.”

Elizabeth Ball is happily riding the two horses, Orion and De La Frontera, during this season’s Intermediaire Championship Qualifying season. Friday’s success follows her victory with both horses at the Dressage Getaway Qualifier in Indio.

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