Advisor To Equine Professionals on All Levels

Allan White - Attorney Specializing in Equine Liability

Whether advising a wealthy client on risk management, a jumper trainer on property coverages, or an individual carving a career in the equine industry, Allan White has the expertise and understanding required for the individuals he works with.

When Mary Phelps, began her website, in 1997, Allan knew right away she was onto something that could develop into a long term business. Defying all odds, HorsesDaily and its subsequent sister site, DressageDaily continued to thrive, and it was Allan White who arranged a meeting with a media attorney. Together the three did their "due diligence" in setting up the company to manage growth and copyright issues which could arise.

An equine insurance agent for 15 years, Phelps also turned to White when she was approached by a major company to work for them. "I feel secure knowing I have him to turn for advice." Phelps remarked. "When Markel Insurance Company offered me a position as an equine insurance specialist, it was Allan's glowing approval rating, which gave me the affirmation I needed to make such an critical shift in my career as an equine insurance agent." White has worked with Markel Insurance Company for over 20 years, and has only the best things to say about their services. "As a litigator, Markel is bad for my business, because they pay their claims, and then there is nothing to litigate." comments Allan."I think enough of the company, and of Mary to be one of her first customers after she signed the contract, insuring Moonflight with her!"

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