Adelinde Cornelissen - Queen of Hickstead

It looked so easy for the golden team of yesterday's Grand Prix Kür. Accompanied by dramatic music from the Nutcracker, Adelinde and Parzival danced beautifully together and as a result of their harmonious performance, scored 84.925%. Adelinde said after her ride, that he felt extremely good today: "Parzival got to the point where everything just flowed. He felt very good under me, and I wish to keep this great shape, and hopefully improve it more, now until the Europeans!" Number two, Carl Hester, rode to the Welsh tones of Tom Jones with Uthopia, and even though this was the horse's first time with the music, they scored 81.800% and a well-deserved second place. "I need to trim my music a bit, so it fits him better. But I am so happy with Uthopia, he is an incredible horse!".

Number three, Britain's Emma Hindle, for the final time rode Lancet in the arena. She announced after her ride, that this was Lancet's last performance, and that he would now retire.

"Though, Emma said, he will probably not be sad at all, since he will do what he loves the most; namely breeding!"

Charlotte Dujardin and her fantastic Valegro scored first place in the WDM Grand Prix Special. She gave a fantastic performance and landed a 76.604% which was more than enough to win, and almost 6% more than number two Leida Collins-Strijk who scored 70.479%. Charlotte was very proud of her horse, and after her ride she said with a broad smile: "I love to ride this horse! Even though he felt a little bit tired today and wasn't as strong as yesterday, he still did a great job, and I am so happy with the ride!"

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