The Adashi/Markel Amateur Championships Moves West for the Spring

Shirley Johnson of Adashi, Wellington Florida has taken her shop on the road for the summer of 2005. She began at the World Cup Final with her most successful venture yet, and then moved to California for the summer with her large mobile unit, filled with fashion for both riding and daytime and evening wear. But Johnson is not just a dressage show vendor. She also recognizes the need to contribute to the sport, and has developed an Amateur Championship successfully entering its third year in Florida, and premiering in California 2005.

It was at Dressage at Flintridge where we caught up with Shirley and Tami Hoag famous mystery writer, author of multiple New York Times best sellers such as Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, and Dark Horse. Hoag, an accomplished dressage competitor at the FEI Levels was the winner of the Adashi/Markel Amateur Grand Prix Championships on her fabulous KWPN mare Feliki, and collected her Swedish Exclusive Kyra Jacket the style only available for Championship winners.

Hoag, Combining a Career with Horses

Hoag, who moved west to the entertainment capitol of the world, continues to develop new mysteries, and was in fact on deadline to deliver her latest thriller to her editor on Monday after the show. Tami also let us know she has more adventures and another book brewing in her brain, for one of her favorite characters, troubled ex-cop Elena Estes from her popular novel Dark Horse, a story of Dressage and deception which took place during the Winter Equestrian Festival. This book which stayed on the NY Times Best Seller list for a long time after it was released in paperback, featured some thinly veiled characters some of us think we know.

Many Amateur riders Like Hoag have busy “other” lives and work hard to fit in both their training and their jobs which often supports their horse habit, and Shirley Johnson has created a program which honors their efforts and achievements.

Adashi and Markel Teams Up with Cornerstone

Teaming up with Cornerstone Management, Markel Equine Insurance Company, and Swedish Exclusive, Johnson put together a series of California Cornerstone Shows which tracked results of the top Amateur riders announcing the winners at Dressage at Flintridge, and awarding each recipient a beautiful Kyra Jacket provided by Pele Wedemark of Swedish Exclusive, the exclusive distributors of the Kyra (Kyrkland) clothing line in the United States.

Johnson not only displays her wares, but also assists her customers and friends in putting together the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Her refrigerator is always stocked with goodies, and often it is in her tiny “den” where she catches up with friends while packaging up their latest finds from her racks and shelves. At every show she sets up, competitors, judges, and official flock to her “shop” where Shirley who visits some of the finest fashion markets finds unique one-of-a-kind items for her customers. She prepares for the usual “rush” when the Dressage judges are on break and make a beeline for her shop. Knowing they only get 15-20 minutes, Johnson who knows so many of her clients well, and often shops at market with them in mind, personally points out not only the latest items, but her sale rack which has ridiculous markdowns at every show.

Adashi/Markel Amateur Champions at the 2005 Cornerstone Series in California

Training Level
1. Megan Gardiner

First Level
1 - Jennifer Mason
2 - Lisa Bradley
3 - Jacquie Grande
4 - Michael Moncreiff

Second Level
1 - Angela Garfinkle
2 - Laura Cooper

Third Level
1 - Kathy Pavlich
2 - Judy Lister
3 - Laurelyn Browning

Fourth Level
No Winner

Prix St George
1 - Stephen Browning
2 - Tami Hoag

Intermediaire I
1 - Mary Hydar Burke
2 - Alaska Culmone
3 - Evelyn Murphy

Grand Prix
1 - Tami Hoag
2 - Mark Carter

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