Actress Alison Lohman Learns to Ride for the Movie 'Flicka'

By Diana DeRosa

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Finding Flicka and Learning How to Ride

Then this Wild Mustang comes along and for a moment the world stands still as they catch a glimpse of each other. “She saw her spirit in this Wild Mustang,” explains Alison Lohman about her character Katy in the soon to be released movie by Twentieth Century Fox. While Katy was learning the lessons of life, Lohman was learning how to ride a horse. Her horseback riding began with this movie and just like Katy, Lohman learned that everything isn’t always as it appears.

“I had trouble learning to ride,” commented Lohman. “Horseback riding was a lot harder than I thought.” Knowing that her character was supposed to be at home on a horse made Lohman reconsider starring in this role, especially after she was thrown off the main character. Parting ways with Flicka left her discouraged. “I didn’t want to do the movie, but I had to do it; so I got back on the horse.”

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