An Active Leader

Anne Gribbons

Anne has been on, or is currently on, each dressage committee at USAE and USET, as well as serving for eight years as chairman of the USDF Competitors Council. She was co-chair of the USAE (formerly AHSA) Dressage Committee with George Williams for several years. She presently chairs the USAF Junior Sub Committee, the High Performance Active Athlete's Committee, and was instrumental in developing the National Junior Riders Championships. "That was actually my brainchild!" she says with pride. "And it has really taken off. That's where we will get our next generation of dressage riders."

As Chef d'Equipe for the Juniors at the Paxton Farm show in Ohio in 2001, Anne recalls how remarkable it was to work with young, talented riders. "Two weeks before, we were at Gladstone and the riders were pretty weak, but somehow they got it together at Paxton, and those same 12 kids were brilliant and won with flair."

Gribbons served as the Chef for the 2003 USET Representatives for the Dressage World Cup Finals, and was on the appeals committee at the 2005 Las Vegas World Cup Finals.