5 Ways to Improve Your Customers' Horse Buying Experience and Make More Sales

Whether selling horses, lessons, breedings, or boarding - all horse professionals find themselves in a sales position. In fact, it's pretty tough to get ahead in any profession if you don't have good sales skills.  While the following tips and examples have to do with selling horses, the principles are universal. I hope you find them helpful. Creating a good Buying Experience can make all the difference in successfully selling horses and increasing referrals. The essence of a good buying experience is in the word comfort. Learn how to make buyers comfortable emotionally, mentally and physically and you'll make their buying experience a positive one and - you will make more sales.

1. Greet them when they arrive, make eye contact and welcome them to your barn. Let them know you are happy they are there.

2. Make a little small talk, so they can get acclimated to you before you go into selling mode. Don't try to make a new best friend but do try to find some small common ground unrelated to the sale. TIP: Stumped for something to say? If they have traveled, ask them about their trip or use F.O.R -- Ask them about their Family, Occupation,  and/or Recreation. EXAMPLE: If the buyer is a teenager accompanied by their Mom, try "So is _____ the only person who rides in your family?" You'll get a conversation about family and what they like to do for recreation.

3. Ask pertinent questions to guide the sales process in the beginning to get things started. Then, throughout the time the customer is with you, let them (and their trainer or other decision makers) do 80% of the talking and you do 20%.

4. Let them know the game plan-- Just a rough sketch of what you have planned. Example: "We are going to ride in the covered arena and we'll start with horse "A." You will see each horse ridden first and then you can hop on which ever ones you like, does that sound good to you?"

5. Show them where your restroom facilities are and be sure your restroom is clean & orderly. Letting them know ahead of time where the facilities are can save you from distractions during the sale and make the buyer feel more at ease, cared for and welcome.

Trying horses is stressful for the buyer. By relieving and reducing as much stress as possible, you will find that more of their attention and energy is available for the job of buying a horse.  In other words, the best way to succeed as a seller is to help the buyer succeed at their job first.

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