4 New Exciting Video Releases from DressageTrainingOnline.com


has 4 new video's for the first April release. Our first new video is of Jody Hartstone working with a very difficult horse who backs away from rein contact and likes to rear. Within it you will learn what to do if he sticks his nose up or out, threatens to rear and basically acts as if he has forgotten many of the basics. Next we have guest trainer Heather Bender working with 3 young Lusitano horses from the "Lusitano Collection". She focuses on correct rhythm, tempo and pureness of the gaits. Lastly we have a free video for you, Jim Masterson of The Masterson Method, discusses equine body work, its effect and why you would want to do it. We also have a last video, from Jim, focusing on shoulder release, essential for priming your horse for optimum reach and lift. This is a video that you can really learn from so you may be able to apply these techniques yourself.

• How to reteach the turn aids
• How to re-communicate what bit pressure means
• How to fix a horse that drifts right or left
• How to work with your horse to help him loosen up his shoulders
• How to get your horses attention back on YOU

Newly Released Videos

Jody Harstone - NZ

Jody, shortlisted for Athens Olympics on Landioso and the 2010 WEG qualified rider for Dressage representing New Zealand, Jody teaches and lectures worldwide emphasizing her training based on scientific principles of behavioural theory. "The rider's aids are all trained systematically and one at a time," Hartstone explained. "One should be careful not to apply two cues at once and ensure that the pressure-release aids (reins or legs) are trained effectively before one moves on to subtle aids like the seat. Basically reins are there to slow down, legs to go, reins to turn and leg for yield. Most important is to train the legs of the horse before training its frame. It is very different from what we see in many training yards where horses are sent to. With them rein pressure and reins are no longer effective to slow down the horse's leg. Paramount is self carriage. The horses are taught from breaking in to hold their own rhythm, direction and outline."

New Video - This horse sticks his nose up and out, especially during transitions. Jody teaches the rider that when he puts his nose up and leans on the bit or the "brake", then you have to teach him what the brake or bit pressure means. This in-depth segment shows you the arduous process of "re-teaching".

Additionally, work is done on the turn aids or rein aids to re-teach the horse what this means and enforce what the appropriate response is.
Free Sample Mini-ClipNew Video - Featuring Heather Bender, Head Trainer, USA, The Lusitano Collection. Heather rides Astyages Interagro, a 6-year-old by Veiga (MAC). She focuses on correct rhythm, tempo and pureness of the gaits.

New Video - Featuring Heather Bender, Head Trainer, USA, The Lusitano Collection. Heather teaches two riders on 4-year-olds from the Lusitano Collection, Cupido Interagro by Tufao and Cronus Interagro by Quinio Interagro. Within this video you see focus on the integral basics of the horse, unique points to remember when working with Luisitano's and how to get your horses attention back on you.
Free Sample Mini-ClipThe Masterson Method

Jim Masterson teaches a unique method of bodywork that recognizes and then follows the visual responses of the horse to touch, to find and release accumulated muscle and structural stress in key junctions of the horse's body that most affect performance. This Method creates an interaction between the horse and practitioner in which the horse participates in the process of release. It is an equally effective technique for any equine discipline. Due to its intuitive, gentle and interactive nature, it is a wonderful way to increase trust, bonding and understanding between human and horse.

Jim was the Equine Massage Therapist for the United States Endurance Team at the 2006 & 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games, and the 2008 FEI World Endurance Championships in Terrenganu, Malaysia. He uses this Method on U.S. and International equine competitors in FEI Grand Prix, Nation's Cup, Pan American and World Cup show jumping events and on members of the USET Singles Driving horses and Jumping teams.
Free Video- Why Equine Bodywork