2kGrey and Style My Ride Magazine Trot Out Star Power for Fashion Photo Shoot

Caitlin Beadles during the Style My Ride photo shoot. (Photo: courtesy of Erin Michele Photography)
Caitlin Beadles during the Style My Ride photo shoot. (Photo: courtesy of Erin Michele Photography)

Manhattan, NY - New York City trendsetters love their skinny pants and aren't shy about donning breeches in their quest for the ultimate slim-yet-tailored pair. So leave it to Style My Ride magazine and the style-setting riding pants designers at 2kGrey to coordinate an equestrian fashion photo shoot with more than a little celebrity star power. For a fashion shoot set earlier this season in Atlanta, Georgia, Style My Ride put Justin Beiber ex-galpal and social media star, Caitlin Beadles into 2kGrey's latest line of (don't you dare call them breeches) riding pants. “Style My Ride is all about adding fashion to the equestrian world, as is 2kGrey. When they asked if they could feature us in their Atlanta shoot, of course we said yes,” said Meryl Ranzer of 2kGrey. The only non-equestrian (for now) of the group, Ranzer has brought 25 years of experience in fashion to 2kGrey's cutting table, having worked in the business as a designer, merchandiser, graphic artist, product developer and teacher. Ranzer has worked on private lable for Oleg Cassini, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Kellwood, and Victoria’s Secret. In addition to being a partner at 2kGrey, Ranzer is an instructor at Parsons School of Design, and is on the board of advisors for Tabii Just, a zero waste clothing line.

2kGrey riding pants come in full seat and knee patch editions but that's where their connection to traditional breeches ends. “2kGrey appeals to the rider because they are a great fashion pant that is functional, and practical. The pants fit well, they are extremely comfortable, and most of all, they're super flattering. The fit has been designed to make every woman’s butt to look great, and go from the stable or show ring to the market, then out to dinner,” says Ranzer.
StyleMyRide.net, a division of JudgeMyRide.net, is an online magazine dedicated to connecting innovative and classic trends in equestrian fashion with the hottest looks in high, vintage and commercial fashion, and becoming the go-to source for what's hot at the show grounds and beyond.

2kGrey is where fashion meets function. It’s serious riding clothes that are sturdy in the saddle and slimming, stunning, and sophisicated everywhere else.

Modern, fun, and with unique stitching and creative embelishments, each pair of 2kGrey pants are designed to deliver the function needed to ride and the fashion and comfort to be worn and look great all day. Founded by two equestrians who teamed up with Meryl Razner
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