2014 Florida Winter Season Stalls Available

Make your 2014 Winter Dressage season plans for Florida. The 2014 Wellington Dressage season is just around the corner. Plan ahead so you don't get caught paying the highest premium rent prices for your horses. For most seasonal rentals expect to pay the seasonal rent in one full payment, called a Dry-Stall Charge. Some owners will agree to rent for five months while others will require three months. Stalls are available for dressage horses for under $1000 per stall per month for the season in Loxahatchee with two show grounds within hacking distance, White Fences Shows, and The Palm Beach Derby. If you want to be closer to Wellington and the brand new Adequan Global Dressage Festival Show grounds, the prices for horse stall rentals go up. All the stalls available at Dressage Daily come with a dressage arena and mirrors.

Six Farms are Available for Stall Rental: 


1. Hampton Green Farm - 6 stalls available = CLICK HERE FOR INFO

2. The YARD Sport Horse Center - 15 stalls available = CLICK HERE FOR INFO


1. May Faire Oaks - 2 stalls available = CLICK HERE FOR INFO

2. White Fences - 6 Stalls Available - Full Farm = CLICK HERE FOR INFO

3. Equus Oasis - 7 Stalls Available - Full Farm = ClLICK HERE FOR INFO

North Florida: 

Spring Garden Dressage - DeLeon Springs - Across street from Poulin's = CLICK HERE FOR INFO


If you would like to advertise Stalls Available for the 2014 Florida Dressage Winter Season Please CLICK HERE