2006/2007 Brings A New Facility and a New Baby for Chrissa Hoffmann

Chrissa and her husband John have finished renovating their new farm, CFH Dressage LLC/ Glenfield Farm in Prospect, KY. The new facility includes a 10-stall training barn fully equipped along with a top quality indoor. Since moving to the new farm in June of 2006, Chrissa has wasted no time in filling all 10 stalls with training horses, two of her own and one sale horse, with a growing waiting list.

With a full list of clients and clinics, Chrissa has had to slightly slow down due to some exciting news that she and her husband are expecting a baby boy in May of 2007! “Sometimes I think I am crazy having a full barn, demanding training and clinic schedule all while being six months pregnant, but it’s my life and I love it!"

But it's not just a new farm and baby on the way adding to her life. Hoffmann traveled to Europe with trainer Alex Gerding to purchase a new horse, and now has the help of a new assistant keeping things on track. Check out Chrissa's Who's Who update with new photos of her expanding operations and waistline.

Here's the result!