2005 North American Young Riders Championships

The Final Days Prior to “Go-Time”! - By Stacy Gormley

As I sit here writing this pre-NAYRC update, I do so with extreme excitement for what lies ahead. Last year, I rode in this competition for Region 2 and had a total blast. Being a resident of Florida, my intention was to try out again this year for Region 3. Unfortunately, life’s twists and turns seemed to get in the way. After suffering a tendon injury, then recovering only to get hit by a bad Lyme Disease case, I had to make the tough decision to withdraw Fidelis from qualifying for this year’s team. I am happy to report that those bleak days are finally behind us and he is back in training again. Nonetheless, I will be flying in to Roanoke, VA to report on the NAYRC with high spirits and tons of excitement!

I have spent a good amount of time talking with and offering pep talks to many of the Young Riders who will be competing at the Championships, and the anticipation seems to be just brimming! Most are either extremely excited for the experience, or are beginning to feel the pre-show nerves. My words of wisdom to those feeling the butterflies are simply to remember that this is just another horse show.

Competitors should look at everyday of riding their horse as a gift and never take one second for granted. Please remember, there are literally millions who would love to be in your shoes this week! What an accomplishment! After months, for some, years, of seemingly endless training and qualifying, the results are in. Each region will send it’s top four riders to represent the region, as well as the country. When you realize that you are in fact representing your country in international competition, the idea of The Junior Olympics takes on a whole new meaning.

The NAYRC is a highly publicized event, just Google in “NAYRC” and see what comes up. This elite group of riders have proven that they truly have a promising future in the equine world, should they choose to pursue it. And just as promising as the riders are their horses! We are really starting to see some world-class talent coming out to play at the NAYRC and I feel confident that this year’s event will be one to watch.

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