2002 Saltgrass Steak House NRBC Show Judges Announced

Byars, Oklahoma - With over a $1.3 million in Certificates of Deposit in banks to be used as added money in coming years, the National Reining Breeders Classic management team takes seriously the job of hiring the individuals who will distribute that money by judging the prestigious event.

At a show of this magnitude, which will add over a $500,000 in 2002, having competent officials is a must, and the NRBC believes in letting participants decide who they want as judges. Each year, exhibitors from past years receive a ballot that allows them to vote for their preference as judges, and their choices are contacted by the NRBC.

Judges have been named for the NRBC's annual show, the 2002 Saltgrass Steak House National Reining Breeders Classic scheduled for April 17-21 in Katy, Texas.

Don Flohr, Joe Hayes, Jeff Petska, Ronnie Wayne, Brian Wellman, Kristi Rose and Ruth Ellen will officiate at this year's NRBC. Flohr will be judging his second National Reining Breeders Classic. "It's a great show," commented Flohr, a professional trainer from Ada, Oklahoma, who has been a National Reining Horse Association approved judge for over a decade. He continued, "The facility provides lots of room to show horses and in that big pen with good ground, you really can see great runs."

NRBC Board Member Tim McQuay is proud of the judges the NRBC has chosen each year. "It's a seal of approval for our judges when the exhibitors vote for them and we know they've done a good job," he said. "We feel we've had excellent teams of judges from many different backgrounds over the years and that's a direct result of responding to the professionals and exhibitors who have supported the NRBC by participating in our show."