"2001: The Year in Review" - by Mary Phelps/Hathaway

While Mary Phelps and her husband JJ Hathaway are enjoying their well deserved vacation on Jamaica, her websites Dressagedaily and Horsesdaily continue pumping blood through the cyber veins of the internet. The niche websites for thousands of equestrian enthusiasts world wide, recently earned official acclaim by winning the USA Equestrian Internet Media Award.

While the Phelps/Hathaway duo is snorkling in the Carribean sea, Horsesdaily.com is featuring an exclusive photo tour as special end-of-the-year treat for its viewers. Written by Mary Phelps/Hathaway, "2001: The Year in Review" presents an extensive journal of the year 2001, seen through the eyes of our hardworking Horsesdaily CEO.

Many of you only know Mary as that smiling person behind her (now digital) camera, covering horse shows all over the United States, but there is more to this "scorpio" than just her magical photographic eye and that warp-speed 9 trigger finger. Life as a photographer is hard and time consuming, but Mary is daily plucking the fruits of her efforts and enjoying her life to the fullest. Through her websites she is presenting "timely news with timeless information," uniquely illustrated with professional pictures from the hands of either herself or her life partner JJ Hathaway.

We kindly invite our visitors to browse our last 2001 web feature and at the same time the Horsesdaily/Dressagedaily cyberteam is wishing them a prosperous and healthy 2002!

"2001: The Year in Review"

Astrid Appels
Managing editor Horsesdaily/Dressagedaily