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"The format of the class was really to have the kids be able to go head-to-head," Madden explained. "Before, there would be two or three winners, and they were trying to break away from the idea of having multiple winners in a class that is supposed to deem the 'championship rider.' "I think it's... Read More
Four horses and riders returned to test the jump-off course, designed by Marina Azevedo of Campinas, Brazil, in Friday’s class. It was once again Neshanic Station, New Jersey, equestrian Laura Chapot and her mount Thornhill Kate, who swept the field to garner their second blue ribbon this week... Read More
This week's StallionMarket Highlight Rubinero stands at Hilltop Farm. Who doesn’t love a handsome, black stallion that offers three high-quality gaits, a gentleman’s character, and exceptional rideability? Rubinero is a special stallion that meets the characteristics in high-demand with breeders. Read More
The team to beat was Laura Chapot of Neshanic Station, New Jersey, aboard Thornhill Kate, co-owned by Mary Chapot. A clear jump-off round had yet to be seen in the course designed by Marina Azevedo of Campinas, Brazil, until Chapot proved that it could indeed be conquered. Remaining in the ring... Read More
The inaugural United States Eventing Association (USEA) Intercollegiate Eventing Championship begins today at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Va. Beginner Novice through CCI* level riders from ten colleges and universities around the East Coast make up ten teams that will compete for the... Read More
It was John who was the hero of the day however, and not for the first time in his life. This man whose career has embraced so many wonderful moments and so many great horses, including the legendary Milton and Ryan’s Son, said this evening that he continues to relish the fun and excitment every... Read More
The rules are always changing and it is your name that will be next to the BIG E for eliminated when your horse tests positive for drugs that you were not supposed to use before a competition. In fact the rules could have been changed since this was made. It is always and ultimately the... Read More
It's Opening Day for the 120th Devon Horse Show & Country Fair. We hope you will be our guest between now and June 5, our closing day. Enjoy the horses, the food, the shopping, the games and rides and help us raise money for Bryn Mawr Hospital. Read More
His sweet, kind, and loving personality has been evidenced by all who have seen him up close including Jane who visited with him after his Triple Crown win. "Being in his presence was just amazing....I cried tears of joy and did not want to wash my face or hands! Now being able to design jewelry... Read More
The place to shop we all know and love is having an on line Memorial Day Sale this weekend. Valid through May 30. 2016. Read More